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LP Provisional Team

Posted by Julie Knudsen at Mar 8, 2021 7:32PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Thank you to everyone who came out for tryouts today! We have so much talent in our area, it’s so hard to choose between all of these amazing boys. If anyone would like to form/coach a second LP Provisional team out of the remaining boys, contact me at

These are the boys that have made the LP Provisional team:
68 – Alec Midgely
63- Zac Symonds
62- Dylan Preece
60- Ian Sanches
34- Brock Whitworth
61- Daxton Watts
32- Austin Phillippi
55- Braeden Bybee
15- Caleb Osmond
64- Chase Mull
36- Ethan Jensen
70- Jensen
20- Keaton Anderson
43- Luke Rosvall
51- Adam Parra
49- Kade Nyland
53- Grant Strong
45- Evan Beus
46- Ryan Parker
21- Sailor Shreeve

52- Christian Robertson
67- Adam Cave

Please email me at ASAP to accept your position.

Our first practice will be Wednesday, March 10th at 3:30-5:00 at the seminary field that we were at today. We will be having a short parent meeting at 4:30 to discuss uniforms and fees.

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Game Times

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Mar 8, 2021 10:43AM PST ( 0 Comments )

This week the junior varsity game times are now listed on the calendar. The rest of the games will be updated soon. Just as a general rule, Junior Varsity pretty much always plays sometime between 5 and 5:30. So if the game time is listed as 3:30, that means Varsity plays first at 3:30 and then Junior Varsity plays afterward about 5:15. If the game is listed as 7:00, Junior Varsity plays at 5ish. Coach Graham said to plan for 5:00. There are a couple of exceptions on the calendar that I’m double checking are correct but they aren’t until later in the season so I’m sure I’ll have confirmation by then. Sorry for any confusion.

Tryouts for the provisional team are today, Monday, March 8 at 3:30. Tryouts will be held at the fields north of the LPHS Seminary building.

Results will be posted here tonight.

Good Luck!

Instructions to create account on the website

1. Going to the homepage—
2. Click “Sign Up” in the top R corner
3. You should now see a "Sign up for TeamPages for Free box. Mark “I am trying to find my team…”
4. Below that, add your full name, email address and then create/confirm a password.
5. Click “not a robot’ and click on the box by “I accept the General Terms and TeamPages Product Terms.”
6. Click “Create My Free Account.”
7. In the “Team Name” field, enter “Lone Peak High School” anc click “Search” to search TeamPages for our school 8. You should see “Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer”. Click the green button that says “Join Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer”
9. Select from the dropdown menu the appropriate “I am a:” (Player or Parent) 10. Click the green “Join” button. This should take you to the Home Page with a message stating you have joined the team.
11. Click the “Roster” link and look for your name in either the Player or Parent group. Click your name to edit your contact information (email and cell phone number) 12. If you wish to receive texts, enter your cell number. Then go to the bottom of the page and add your SMS info—phone # and provider—and then click save.
13. You will receive a TeamPages SMS check with a pin on your phone. Click the link to confirm.

Players should also add their jersey numbers.

Thank you!

Below are some rules from RSL (parent rules are bolded). Please follow them so we will be allowed to return next year; this is a great opportunity for our team. Also, lunches can be picked up at 12:30 at the Galahad Room and then the boys should meet at the Armory at 1:00 before getting on the bus.

Welcome to RSL Academy High School,

We are pleased to welcome you for Monday’s soccer game here at the RSL Academy, hopefully this message finds you well.

Obviously during these times, we are under some strict rules with regards to UHSAA, School and the RSL Organization. Please make sure that you follow the instructions in this message to help us have our game run as smoothly as possible.

Opposing teams.

· All teams can only arrive an hour before kickoff. If you have a 3:30pm kick off, 2:30 pm is the earliest you can arrive.
· When you do arrive, you will need to park in the North West corner of the parking lot by the Real Monarchs stadium.
· You will enter via the main school entrance, once inside the school, you will check in with the main reception office on the left and can then enter the indoor facility.
· Due to ongoing COVID-19 regulations, there will be NO dressing rooms available. Please come dressed in your uniforms. We also will not be providing water for either teams this year, please make sure your players have their own drinks bottles.
· Each team will be allowed two spectators per player. All spectators will need to sign in and have their temperatures checked, masks must be worn at all times.
· Spectators will need to bring their own seat; none will be provided.
· All teams, players and spectators must enter the indoor via the school, we know some people may attend training here and enter via the East entrance, but this will be locked for HS games.
· Masks must be worn by coaches and players at all times. Players playing and warming up do not need to wear their masks, players on the benches need to have their masks on.