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All students athletes are required to participate in bi-weekly Covid-19 testing. Our first test will be March 9, at 11:10 for sophomore’s & seniors, and right after the ACT for juniors. In order to participate in the testing each athlete has to be registered in RedCap, and consent given by a parent. Please register your son in RedCap by Monday at the latest. See below for more information, instructions, and FAQ.

The links did not copy over so here is the RedCap link

As most of you are aware, Governor Herbert issued a State Public Health Order requiring the testing of all participants and advisors involved in extracurricular activities (see State Public Health Order 25-2020). Next Tuesday, March 9th, will mark our first bi-weekly COVID-19 testing at LPHS. In an effort to communicate our procedures and streamline the testing process, we have included pertinent information below. If you have follow-up questions your Coach/Advisor should be able to field your concerns.

REGISTRATION (complete this ASAP):

● Parents are required to register and provide consent to test on RedCap. If a student completes this step for themselves, we will not be able to access the RedCap record.
IMPORTANT: The email that is provided in the RedCap registration is the email that will receive the test result.
○ You only need to register one time (i.e. if you tested for basketball but now are on the track team, please do not register again)


● RedCap Registration
○ The test results will be sent to the email provided in the RedCap form.
● Photo ID
● A face covering
○ Participants who require continuous reminders to appropriately wear facial coverings will forfeit their opportunity to test.
● Social distancing will be required
○ Participants who require continuous reminders to appropriately distance will forfeit their opportunity to test.


Maroon Gym (Enter at south 100 Hall doors) Please do not enter into any other door, the ACT will be taking place and we CANNOT disrupt them.

On this testing day, the ACT will be offered at LPHS. Please be considerate of those taking the ACT. If you are a junior who is taking the ACT, you will be expected to come to the COVID testing immediately following the ACT.

11:10 Soccer


● Entrance:
○ Participants will enter at the south doors of the 100 hall and wait to be checked in at the doors to the Maroon Gym. Photo ID required for all participants. Everyone in the building is required to socially distance and wear a face covering—failure to do so may result in dismissal and the inability to test at Lone Peak. Participants will be tested inside the Maroon Gym and immediately exit the South Gym doors. Please avoid congregating after testing.
● Test Results:
○ Results will be delivered via email to the email address provided in the RedCap registration. Results are usually delivered within two hours following testing.
○ All results will be shared with advisors/coaches, at the end of the day. Please do not return to the school to inquire about your result—it slows down our process.
○ In the event of an anomaly or an inconclusive result, we will contact you directly and ask you to return to retest.

● Do those within the 90 day window need to test?
○ No, someone who has had a confirmed case (i.e. positive test), is granted immunity for 90-days from positive test date. You will need to provide documentation to the school of your previous positive test results.
● Does an antibody test exempt me from testing?
○ No.
● Will a student need to register on RedCap each time they test?
○ No. Each individual student will only need to register on RedCap one time.
● If a student is 18, do their parents need to fill out the RedCap or can the student be responsible?
○ If they are a student, they will still need their parents to fill out RedCap for them.
● If a student attends multiple schools where do I test?
○ You should test at the school where you participate in an activity that requires testing.
● When will the second round of testing be?
○ March 31, 2021
● Can a student swab themselves for the test?
○ Yes, individuals may do their own swabbing as long as they are observed and given instructions on how to do it.
● Can a student participate in practices if they are unable to do the Covid test?
○ No

Hey boys. Great effort in that first practice. Excited to teach you. Here are a few great videos to illustrate points i relayed. Remember you committed to study these training videos:

1.) How to play out of the back — vs 1, 2 or 3 striker press. Key points:
A: Center backs fan wide and use keeper as sweeper / 3rd man. Keeper position deep on baseline to support.
B: Wing-backs start super wide on touchline and very high – near half way line. Then sprint back to show.
C: Holding mid and or 8 show behind the opposition front line of attack. Play the ball the way you are facing.
D: Once a 6/8 or wing-back can receive the ball facing forward, go forward. Be patient and recycle the ball back through center backs and switch the field as needed. This creates gaps / channels to pass through.

Please study this:

2.) Playing out from the back again, CBs stepping forward when there is space. Excellent video showing various options. His #4 is the holding mid. Key points to note:
A: Center backs must be comfortable bringing the ball out if there is space, then play a pass to feet, CB becomes the holding mid and the holding mid drops back to cover you.
B: This shows what i was teaching you —if a CB or holding mid is able to step forward with the ball, the 8 and 10 should fan out wide to create that passing channel through into the #9. The first attacking pattern we practiced.

Please study this:

3.) How #9 should show from blind shoulder and get shot off. This is from the England national team finishing coach:-) . I showed you how to do this but it’s great to see in a video: How to preserve space in front of you then receive the ball facing goal and get a shot off. Ideal for a number nine but good for any forward to learn. Key points:

A: Come from blind side.
B: Little shove to get defender off balance.
C: Take ball on half turn and face right at them, leaning over ball.
D: Feign to go one direction so they come at you.
E: Move ball to other side and shoot with little back-lift.
F: Spot keeper, knee and head over ball. Lock ankle, drive shot through hips

Please study this:

We will review all of this on the training field. But it’s important you can “envision” what it looks like done correctly. Have a great weekend!


Here is a link to the spreadsheet for the food assignments. We will add times for the water bottles based on when buses are scheduled to leaave.

Congratulations on making the team! Please see below for important information and read to the end.

Team Meeting for Varsity and Junior Varsity

Thursday, March 3, 2021

Coach Graham will go over the team contract at the meeting.

As part of the contract, players need to set goals in three areas (Physical, Academic/Learning & Character/Emotional/Spiritual) and submit them to the coaches.
Fill out this form to submit goals

Uniforms & Team Gear

  • We will be passing out uniforms & other gear to all players who have paid for them.
  • You MUST bring your receipt or show it on your phone. You may pay online at or at the finance office. NO CASH or VENMO allowed.

Returning players pay $175 plus $100 participation fee
New players pay $400 plus $100 participation fee

Must show receipt and signed contract (Signed JV contracts will be returned at the meeting).

Team Website
We will use the team website to help us communicate. ALL players and at least one parent need to create or update your account as soon as possible. Instructions are below. If you have not been receiving emails, you are may not be in the system. Please contact Julie (8013180692) to be added. Make sure to add your phone number so we can send texts. You may also want to get the TeamPages app.

Create an account by
1. Going to the homepage—
2. Click "Sign Up" in the top R corner
3. You should now see a "Sign up for TeamPages for Free box. Mark "I am trying to find my team…"
4. Below that, add your full name, email address and then create/confirm a password.
5. Click “not a robot’ and click on the box by “accept the terms.”
6. Click “Create a Free Account.”
7. Accept the invitation to Lone Peak High Boys Soccer
8. Edit your “about me.”
9. If you wish to receive texts, enter your cell number. Then go to the bottom of the page and add your
SMS info—phone # and provider—and then click save.
10. You will receive a TeamPages SMS check with a pin on your phone. Click the link to confirm.