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*We will add the LP to the parka.** It will take a couple of weeks after the store closes to get the coat.

A few moms asked if we could add a heavy coat to the team store. Lynell has included a coat that is 550 down fill. Very warm (would have been nice yesterday!). This coat usually sells for $240 but is priced at only $185.

It will not have LP on it so we can get it 6 days after store closes.

Check out the store here

Thank you to everyone who tried out for the Lone Peak Provisional Team.
Here is the list of those that made the team. If you didn’t make the Lone Peak team, there are several other provisional teams forming near us. Everyone should have the opportunity to play somewhere.

Ethan Smith
Brock Whitworth
Christian Robertson
Zack Simmons
Isaac Irwin
Nicholas Bassett
Dylan Rosvall
Kevin McMurry
Alec Midgley
Daxton Watts
Ben Kramer
Court Linebaugh
Kael Hodson
Davis Higginson
Ian Sanches
Ethan Reginato
Dylan Preece
Ryan Phillippi

Sailor Shreeve
Jacob Clark
Jacob Spencer

Please accept your spot by texting Coach Jeff at 801-368-5317.

We will start practices on Thursday 3:30-4:30 at the seminary fields (same field as tryouts).

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Provisional Tryouts Today

Posted by Julie Knudsen at Mar 2, 2020 2:13PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Provisional tryouts today (3/2)
3:30 at the Seminary Fields

JV will not have practice today.
Practice will be held Thursday and Friday at 3:30 and possible scrimmage on Saturday. Time TBD.

The calendar will be updated but for now, check the calendar on the 2019 season as it is correct for 2020. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you to all of the players who tried out for the LPHS Boys Soccer teams. We have such fantastic players at this school and each boy should be proud of their talents and efforts.

Tryouts for the Freshman and Sophomore Provisional Team will be held Monday, March 2 at 3:30 at the LPHS Seminary Fields.

Congratulations to all who made the LPHS Varsity and JV Boys Soccer teams for the 2020 Season.

There is a mandatory meeting Thursday, February 27 at 5 at the Little Theater. Each player and a parent should attend. (The baseball team has the room at 6 so the meeting will be brief)

Make sure to get on my school fees and pay for your uniform and team fees as soon as possible. Uniforms will be handed out at the mandatory meeting but ONLY to players who have paid for their uniform and their fees!

Watch for an email with lots of information regarding volunteer positions, lunches, the team store and more.

Questions about lunches?
Call Colleen

View the team store here

2020 LPHS Varsity Final Roster

Steen Nielsen
Ben Miller

Gage Burningham
Cole Ashworth
Nick Koch
Tyce Roberts
Nate Jorgenson
Britton Burr
Soren Dahl
Soren Beck
Mason Coleman
Josh Robinson
Reed Dayton
Jarrett Bromley
Reuben Bradshaw
Caden Deiderich
Mitch Franks
Isaac Price
Ben Barnes
Brendon Parker
Spencer Brown
Kyle Paskett
Jayson Santiago

2020 LPHS JV Final Roster


  • Logan Spencer
  • Braden Carr

Field Players
Conner Jackson
Collin Lovelady
Isaac Reynolds
Talmage Gunther
RJ Allen
Cole LeRoy
Sam Jaggi
Tyler Fuller
Landon Atkinson
Sam Alger
Alec Dobson
Daniel Knudsen
Josh Devey
Foster Hewett
Ryan Paskett
Ace Olson
Micah Davies
Luke Fairbanks
Lucas Behrbom
Luke Lehnhof
Bryton Oakley

Practice Thursday and Friday at 3:30.