Tryouts--Monday Invitation

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer on Feb 27 2021 at 09:09PM PST

Below is the list of players invited to the Monday 03/01, 1:30-3:30 tryout. They should arrive by 1:15, and a wristband band is required. This list is not inclusive of everyone who will make an LP team, nor is it a guarantee that everyone on the list will make an LP team (this list is not final). Everyone not on this list should attend tryouts from 3:30-5:30. Tryouts will be held at the stadium.

Wristbands can be picked up from Mr. Walker in his office. In order to receive a wristband, you need to have registered on Register My Athlete and uploaded your physical.

Once boys arrive at the field, they must check in and receive a number. We are hoping to be at the snack shack (where it’s kind of warm) so look there first.

Good luck everyone!

Lynell & Julie

Varsity Invitation

Field Players

Adrian Xanthos
Brendan Parker
Bryton Oakley
Caden Dietrich
Cole Ashworth
Cole LeRoy
Cole Shin
Collin Lovelady
Conner Jackson
Conner Shin
Daniel Knudsen
Isaac Irwin
Isaac Price
Isaac Reynolds
Jackson Gunther
Jarrett Bromley
Joaquin Mendez
Josh Devey
Kaden Roberts
Kyle Moreno
Kyle Paskett
Landon Atkinson
Lewis Mason
Luke Lehnoff
Mason Coleman
Mitch Franks
Noah Carlton
Raleigh Gardner
Reed Dayton
Ryan Paskett
Sam Alger
Sammy Jaggi
Soren Dahl
Spencer Brown
Talmage Gunther
Tanner Mecham
Theo Xanthos
Tom Kramer
Tyler Fuller


Ben Miller
Conner Watkins
Steen Nielsen