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2018 Boys Soccer Tryouts

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Feb 24, 2018 9:22PM PST

It doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate with us for tryouts on Monday, but please be prepared to play either inside or out and check the website for updates on location and time on Monday around noon.

Monday 2/26
Varsity Invitation Tryout – 1:30 p.m. Lone Peak Soccer Field or Black Gym
General Tryouts will either be 3:30 p.m. @ Lone Peak Field
If the weather is bad @ 5:00 pm – Main Gym- (make sure to check for update on Monday around noon)

  • Arrive 15-25 minutes early to check-in and warm up.
  • You MUST have a wristband in order to tryout. If you have not received it yet, go to room 711 after 1:00 pm.
  • If you haven’t registered yet here is the link: then follow the instructions in your registration email.

Varsity Invitation List:
Abel Bingham
Brendan Vick
Brennan Ewell
Chanson Vawdrey
Dalton Videla
Dawson Meldrum
Nathan Morrill
Noah Cahoon
Steven Lehnhof
Tanner Campbell

Ben Fonbuena
Ben Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Danny Fietkau
Hayden Enloe
Jaxon Van Wagoner
Julian Mendez
Kaden Mecham
McKay Bitters
Kyle Allison
Max Magleby
Max Van Wagoner
Noah Sanches

Joshua Robinson
Nathan Reginato

Dalton Ewing
Jackson Ward
Tanner Rasband

Lone Peak Boys Soccer Tryouts are next week!

Check-in info:
1. Complete this form prior to tryouts:
2. You will not be allowed to tryout if you have not received your armband. You will need to upload your completed physical and complete the Register my Athlete info online. Please refer to my posts for information about receiving your wristband with clearance to tryout.
3. Bring a copy of your grades from 2nd Term to the check-in.

Tryout schedule:

  • Monday, February 26 – 1:30 – Varsity tryout by invitation only check-in to begin at 1:15. If the field is unplayable due to weather conditions, we will move into the Black Gym- be sure to bring both futsal shoes and cleats.
    3:30 – General tryouts – check-in will begin at 3:00*** If the field is unplayable we will move into the main gym and start at 5:00 pm. Check for updates day of tryouts.
  • Tuesday, February 27 - 3:30 – By invitation only
    • Wednesday, February 28 – 3:30* – By invitation only
  • Thursday, March 1- 5:00 pm in the Little Theater – Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting for all players who have made the team.
  • Thursday, March 1 – 5:00- 6:30 pm – Provisional Team Try-outs for Freshman and Sophomores who don’t make the JV or Varsity teams – at Lone Peak Soccer Field


  • Invitation lists will be posted on the website
  • We will be conducting tryouts on the Lone Peak Soccer field, weather permitting. Please dress warm!! We suggest that players do not wear nice game cleats, as the field is likely to be wet and cold.
  • If the field is not playable due to weather conditions, tryouts may be moved into the main gym starting at 5:00pm.
  • Schedule for each group to be announced. If moved indoors be sure to bring futsal shoes.
  • Please check website for updates each day of tryouts.

Lone Peak Boys Soccer tryouts will be February 26- 28.

To speed the team check-in at the field please fill out the following form:

Here is a re-cap of the new tryout procedures that must be completed before you can tryout:

Students must have a complete Register My Athlete account including a current physical (form linked) in order to tryout. Students will be given a vinyl, one time use bracelet when they are cleared for tryouts. In an attempt to ease the craziness on February 26, the school will be pre-registering athletes starting Wednesday. Players will have to wear the bracelets until tryouts are completed.

For pre-registration, please send your athletes who have completed their Register My Athlete accounts including their physicals to room 711 during one of the following times:

Wednesday Feb. 21- 12:00-3:30
Thursday Feb. 22- 12:00-3:30
Friday Feb. 23- 7:15 AM – 12:00 & 1:00-2:00
Monday Feb. 26- 1:30-3:00

The document Physical_Forms.pdf was attached to this post.

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Pre-Tryout Meeting this Week

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Feb 11, 2018 11:52AM PST

There will be a Pre-Tryout Meeting for players interested in playing for Lone Peak Boys Soccer, and their parents on Tuesday, February 13 at 5:00pm at Lone Peak in the Little Theater.

Are you ready for the Dark Knight? Here are a few important things:

The schedule for each division and bracket can be viewed here:
*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

LPHS Dark Knight Futsal Tournament Official Rules

All Teams:
*All teams must have a signed waiver for each player turned in before their first game. Waivers WILL NOT be accepted after first game has started.

*We are under a strict time limit. Games have been scheduled with two 10 minute halves, a 5-minute half-time, and 2 minutes between games. The game shall consist of two 10 minute halves separated by a 5 minute halftime period OR the first team to reach a 10 goal lead. Games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie.

*Each game will begin on every half hour. In the event that a game starts late, play time will be adjusted to allow the following game to begin on time.

*Without knowing the members of each team, it is difficult to place teams into evenly challenging fair play brackets. Unfortunately, brackets cannot be switched.

*Game times cannot be switched. Forfeiture will result from no show games.

U-8 through U-14 Teams:
*Each team will play 4 games. Winning team in each age division will be based on highest points awarded.
Win 3 points
Tie 1 point
Loss 0 points

*In the event of a tie for First Place, we will refer to the Head-to-Head game score, followed by Goal Differential, if necessary, to determine the Winning team.

High School Teams:
*Each team will play 3 games. Winning team in each bracket will be based on highest points awarded.
Win 3 points
Tie 1 point
Loss 0 points

*Quarter Finals will be played by First Place teams in each bracket as well as 3 Wild Card Teams.

*3 Wild Card Teams will be determined between all 5 brackets’ Second Place winners.

*Top 3 Goal Differential Teams in Second Place will move onto Quarter Finals.

*Finals are single elimination.