News and Announcements



202         Ammon Paskett
207         Connor Symonds
210         Hudson Anderson
215         Reese Worton
220         Dalton Videla
225         David Hatch
226         Ethan Lynch
227         Taylor Kimball
228         Carter Cushing
230         Bryson Thomas


101         Andrew Lee
102         Austin Call
105         Carson Call
106         Cayson Hamilton
107         Christian Hunt
108         Colin Webb
109         Nathan Farrell
110         Dallin Pew
112         Dan Taylor
114         Davis Rasband
115         Derek Phillippi
116         Ethan Lloyd
117         Evan Rippy
119         Jackson Ward
120         Jacob Anderson
121         Jacob Cahoon
122         Jake Lewis
123         Jason Rosvall
125         Jeff Rose
126         John Payne
127         Joshua Mortenson
128         Kaden Mecham
130         Noah Sanchez
133         Ryan O’Reilly
134         Spencer Jacklin
136         Tucker Jenkins
137         Zach Burnside
142         Christian Wells
149         Stephen Scruggs
150         David Hunter
151         Dalton Ewing
152         Kade Robison
153         Max Van Wagoner
155         Preston Ketch
159         Ben Fonbuena
160         Kaden Keetch

Thursday, March 3
5 pm in the Little Theater

Uniforms will be given to those who pay their fees.

$100 participation fee
Spirit pack $93
Varsity uniform $52
JV uniform rental $22

Varsity total $245
JV total $215

(Uniform prices are discounted because of money raised from the futsal tournament and upcoming skills camp.)

Additional discounts will be given for selling banners and logos for t-shirts.

There was a miscommunication in last night’s post, regarding what was referred to as a final list of Varsity players. We apologize for this error. A new list will be posted as soon as possible.

The Varsity and JV teams will eat lunch together each game day. Please click on the link below to sign up for game day lunches and snacks. We need two people per lunch and one person each time for snack.

We are excited for the 2016 LP Soccer Season! Please help everything run smoothly by signing up in the link below.

Congratulations to all the boys who have made the Varsity or JV teams. The final list of players is below:

*There will be a mandatory meeting for ALL Varsity/JV players and a parent Thursday, March 3 @ 5:00 pm in the Little Theater*.

2016 LPHS Varsity Boys Soccer

206 Chanson Vawdrey
208 Dawson Meldrum
301 Caleb Hanssen
302 Caleb Reese
306 Jake Jackson
307 Justin Jones
309 Logan Beus
310 Matt Knudsen
314 David Airmet
316 Jeiger Bayona
401 Adam Canfield
402 Braden Bailey
404 Chuch Nichols
406 Griffin Garcia
407 Jacob Lloyd
408 Jaxon Henley
409 Jon Larsen
410 Josh Peterson
412 Mckay Wyman

204 Brennen Ewell
304 Jackson Enloe
413 Tyler Josse

Goal Keepers:
1. Doug Cave
2. Robbie Swanson

2016 LPHS JV Boys Soccer

103- Benjamin Taylor
111- Daniel Fietkau
118- Hayden Enloe
129- Kyle Allison
132- Mckay Bitters
145- Mckay Grant

201- Abel Bingham
205- Chandler Nebeker
211- Ian Bunker
212- James Pyper
213- Nathan Morrill
218- Tanner Campbell
219- Baker Wilkes
224- Steven Lehnhof

313- Derrick Gleason
318- Tanner Lanham
319- Davis Quist

312- Ty Tenney
135- Tanner Rasband
143- Paul Johnston

124- Jaxon Van Wagoner
214- Noah Cahoon


Tryouts for the Lone Peak Freshman/Sophomore Provisional Team(s) will be held at the Lone Peak grass practice field (directly south of the turf soccer field) on Thursday March 3 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm and by invitation on Friday March 4 from from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. Athletes invited to return to Friday’s tryouts will be posted on the Lone Peak High School Soccer Website by Thursday evening.