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There will be a locker room for the teams to stay warm in between games. Please remind your boys to be respectful of the school’s property and to be on their best behavior.

On Saturday March 20th the LP Boys soccer teams are traveling to play in a tournament in Logan, Utah. We need to give you a few details about the day.

Bus Leaves at 7am, please have your boys at LP by 6:45 am. Please see that they have a large breakfast before they come because lunch will be later in the day. Each player will receive a gallon size zip lock bag with granola bars, fruit, fruit snacks, pretzel bites, vitamin water, and water. These are the snacks for the whole day.

Game Times are as follows:
1st game is at the following location: Logan High School 162 W. 100 S.
9:00am Sophomores
11:00am JV
1:00pm Varsity

2nd game: Ridgeline High School in Millville, 180 N. 300 W. ( Millville)
3:00pm Sophomores
5:00pm JV
7:00pm Varsity

Parents that are going to be at the tournament can take your son during the day in between games, but you must send a written text to Coach Graham ( 801-372-6821) or Coach Roberts (801-471-5059) . Please write your son’s name and your name on the text, so the coaches know who the text is from. You may not take any other player with you. These are strict district policies. It is your son’s responsibility to know when Coach needs to have them back to warm up before the game. It is going to be cold on Saturday. The forecast has rain and snow, so please have your son wear their thermal sweats, big coats, blankets, rain jackets etc to keep warm in between games. please have them bring extra clothes, so they can change if they get too wet.

After the 1st game, the bus will take the boys to go get food. Please send 20$ for food. Coaches want all players with the team for lunches. This is the only time that they will go get food. If you feel like your son will need more food for the ride home etc, have him bring extra food with him.

Right after the last game, the buses will leave to come home. You can bring your son home, but again, you must send a written text to Coach Graham ( 801-372-6821) or Coach Roberts (801-471-5059) . Please write your son’s name and your name on the text, so the coaches know who the text is from. You may not take any other player with you. We are expecting the bus to return home at 11:45 pm. It will be a long day, but a great experience for these players. Go LP !!

Thank you,
Lynell & Julie

PS We could use a couple of pop up tents. If you have one you would be willing to lend, please reply to this email. Thank you!

The partnerships are subject to changes. The objective is to create unity, program connection and to be mutually beneficial. We apologize if any names have been inadvertently excluded. Please notify us of any mistakes or suggestions. One obstacle is—there are more varsity then Junior Varsity players, which will cause a few duplications. We expect to occasional reports on Mentorship benefits. Kofi is the Mentorship Advisor, but every coach should assist in the Mentorship efforts.

Adrian Xanthos…Dallin Riggs
Ben Miller…Conner Watkins
Brenden Parker…Daniel Knudsen
Caden Diederich…Bryton Oakley
Cole Ashworth…Isaac Reynolds
Collin Lovelady…Nicholas Basset
Conner Shin…Raleigh Gardner & Isaac Reynolds
Isaac Price…Isaac Irwin
Jaret Bromley…Luke Lehnhof
Kaden Roberts…Raleigh Gardner
Kyle Paskett…Josh Devey
Landon Atkinson…Thomson Kramer
Mason Coleman…Joaquin Mendez
Mitchell Franks…Ace Olsen
Reed Dayton…Kyle Moreno
Ryan Paskett…Cole LeRoy
Sam Jaggi…Noah Carlton
Sam Alger…Foster Hewitt
Soren Dahl…Cole Shin
Spencer Brown…Jackson Gunther
Steen Nielsen…Braden Carr
Talmage Gunther…Kyle Moreno & Conner Jackson
Theo Xanthos…Conner Jackson
Tyler Fuller…Tanner Mecham
Nico White…Lewis Mason

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Team Pictures for Yearbook

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Mar 17, 2021 2:47PM PDT

Team pictures for high school yearbook:

Mar 31 @ 2:30
Varsity & Junior Varsity
Wear home uniforms
Goalies wear purple uniforms
All coaches must be there!

LPHS Boys Soccer Parents

The Varsity and Junior Varsity coaches would like to invite all parents to attend team practices to observe and support (retrieve balls, pick up cones, give enthusiasm) but not coach.

The calendar on this website has all of the practices and locations for each day. Feel free to come as often as you would like.

Hi team,
Really proud of you. I created multiple clips of the Lehi and Bingham games to highlight what we’ve been learning. I highlighted our key shots and goals. Please review the clips. Remember to ask yourselves the three questions as you watch the entire game:
1.) Was i in the right place?
2.) Where should i take my first touch, moving into space? Then watch and see if you did that or turned into trouble. See if you checked your shoulder pre getting the ball.
3.) What should i do with the ball? Then watch it and see if you made the right decision.
This game footage is extremely valuable to teach you. It is one of your commitments to watch the film and learn:-) .
Have a great weekend!

Instructions to join Hudl are in the previous post.