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Below is the list of players invited to the Monday 03/01, 1:30-3:30 tryout. They should arrive by 1:15, and a wristband band is required. This list is not inclusive of everyone who will make an LP team, nor is it a guarantee that everyone on the list will make an LP team (this list is not final). Everyone not on this list should attend tryouts from 3:30-5:30. Tryouts will be held at the stadium.

Wristbands can be picked up from Mr. Walker in his office. In order to receive a wristband, you need to have registered on Register My Athlete and uploaded your physical.

Once boys arrive at the field, they must check in and receive a number. We are hoping to be at the snack shack (where it’s kind of warm) so look there first.

Good luck everyone!

Lynell & Julie

Varsity Invitation

Field Players

Adrian Xanthos
Brendan Parker
Bryton Oakley
Caden Dietrich
Cole Ashworth
Cole LeRoy
Cole Shin
Collin Lovelady
Conner Jackson
Conner Shin
Daniel Knudsen
Isaac Irwin
Isaac Price
Isaac Reynolds
Jackson Gunther
Jarrett Bromley
Joaquin Mendez
Josh Devey
Kaden Roberts
Kyle Moreno
Kyle Paskett
Landon Atkinson
Lewis Mason
Luke Lehnoff
Mason Coleman
Mitch Franks
Noah Carlton
Raleigh Gardner
Reed Dayton
Ryan Paskett
Sam Alger
Sammy Jaggi
Soren Dahl
Spencer Brown
Talmage Gunther
Tanner Mecham
Theo Xanthos
Tom Kramer
Tyler Fuller


Ben Miller
Conner Watkins
Steen Nielsen

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Tryout Checklist

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Feb 25, 2021 11:24AM PST

Tryout Information—for boys trying out for the LPHS Varsity and JV teams
March 1-3, 2021

  • Complete Physical (forms on website at the bottom of the page under documents)
  • Upload Physical on Register My Athlete
  • Get wristband from Mr. Walker on Monday, March 1 (in his office)
  • Information Form
    This was mentioned at the pre-tryout meeting. We have decided NOT to have the form this year but if you are not getting emails, please text Julie at 801.318.0692 so you can be added to the list.

Academic Eligibility will be based on Term 2 grades for the start of the season. You are only allowed to play if you had 1 or less failing grades. F’s, NC’s, and Incomplete’s are considered failing grades. Your current schedule must have 6 credit earning classes.

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Open Play and Tryout Info

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Feb 18, 2021 7:02PM PST

Open Play
Just a reminder that there is open gym in the main gym Friday & Saturday at 5:30 to 7:00 am. Players should wear a mask when not actively engaged. Also, make sure to fill out the Covid Checklist before you come on that day.
(The checklist is currently down. Players should make sure they do not have any covid symptoms.)
Tryout Information

Register My Athlete
Register at before tryouts. Registration instructions are at the bottom of the team website Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer. Upload your physicals there.

Physicals should be done before tryouts. Attached is the flyer for Advanced Sports & Orthopedics. They donate the proceeds to the team so be sure to mention you are with the LPHS boys soccer team. Their number is 801.753.7770. Schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Pre-tryout Meeting (still checking to see if we can hold this meeting live)
Monday, February 22
LPHS Auditorium
5-6 pm

Tryouts (in case of inclement weather, tryouts will be held Monday morning at 5:30 am for varsity invitation and everyone else at 3:00 in the maroon gym.)
Monday, March 1- Wednesday, March 3
Varsity Invitation on Monday at 1:30
Everyone else at 3:00
Tuesday/Wednesday at 3:00
Boys will need to get wristbands prior to tryouts from Mr. Walker on Monday (unless varsity tryout is in the morning and then we will work something else out.)

Team Meeting
Thursday, March 4
LPHS Cafeteria
5-6 pm

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COVID Checklist LInk

Posted by Lone Peak High School Boys Soccer at Feb 18, 2021 6:44PM PST

The checklist is currently down. Just make sure you do not have any Covid symptoms before attending practice.

Thank you!

Announcing the training schedule in preparation for the 2021 Lone Peak Boys Soccer Tryouts.
Beginning January 7

Thursdays at 1:15 pm-2:00 pm
Tactical Discussions

Fridays at 5:30am-7:00 am
Juniors and Seniors
Main Gym

Saturdays 5:30 am-7 am
Freshmen and Sophomores

Tryouts March 1
We are hoping to be able to schedule the gym for additional training. Watch the calendar.